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Watch McGregor Poirier fight for free on Cricfree

Watch the McGregor Poirier UFC 264 PPV, including all the undercards for free on the Cricfree android app.

NOTE – The Cricfree android app goes by the name of Potato Streams now.

UFC 264 PPV – How and where to watch for free?

Please download the latest version of the Cricfree app to watch the full UFC 264 PPV for free.

You can click on this link to get the latest version of the Cricfree app (Potato Streams) now.

Alternatively, you can type in on your phone’s browser and press enter to download the Potato Streams apk.

In case you haven’t installed an apk file before, you can click on this link or watch the video below to know about the process required to do so.

The Cricfree app will be installed by the name of Potato Streams.

The Date, Time, and Venue of the McGregor Poirier fight

The Mcgregor Poirier early prelims card is scheduled to kick off on the 10th of July at 11 PM for the British fans.

Since the event is in the T-Mobile Arena of Las Vegas, Nevada, the main card will take place by 3 AM on the 11th of July for the UK fans.

Mcgregor Poirier will enter the cage at 6 AM on Sunday morning, just 2 weeks before Fury takes on Wilder in the same arena!

UFC 264 – How much will it cost?

The PPV is set to knock back a US fan by $69.99, while a UK fan can watch the fight for £19.95. Pretty steep, right?

However, our Cricfree users will spend that money on a 6-pack, kick back and watch the same fight for free!

It PAYS to have the Cricfree (Potato Streams) app on your phone!

Can I cast the app on Firestick and watch McGregor Poirier ad-free?

Yes, you can.

We have a superior version of the Cricfree app called the Premium app that is completely ad-free and castable on Firestick.

Click on this link to know more about our Premium app, the installation process, and other things.

Watch the above video to know all about Cricfree Premium or Potato Streams Premium.

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